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An Approbation for Coblation in Kashima Procedure

The most common cause of BVFI is iatrogenic or surgical (44%) [1]. Among surgical proce-dures, Thyroid surgery is the most common culprit. The management of BVFP is a delicate equilibrium between airway, voice and swal-lowing. This article discusses our experience in treating BVFP by Posterior Cordotomy - Kashima’s procedure by Coblation Technology, which restores sufficient glottic space, at the same time preserving the phonatory and sphincteric functions of the larynx. As Cobla-tion causes minimal tissue injury, our patients could be decannulated on the third postopera-tive day as opposed to traditional teaching. All of them were successfully decannulated from tracheostomy with an adequate airway & exer-cise tolerance, a near normal voice and no aspi-ration.

Author(s): Vrinda B Nair, Balasubramanian Thiagarajan, Seethalakshmi Narasimhan

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