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Volume 8, Issue 4
Peanut-healthy but Risky for a Young Child
Author(s): Vadisha Srinivas Bhat*
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Hearing outcomes after Mastoidectomy
Author(s): Pedro Carneiro de Sousa* , Joana Borges da Costa, Delfim Duarte, Nuno Trigueiros
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Acute Exteriorized Ethmoiditis of the Child: About 23 Cases Diagnosis and Management
Author(s): Goueta A, Oubian S, Bakyono KE, Traore OL, Bambara C, Gyebre YMC, Ouoba K
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Efficacy of Peripheral Neurectomy in the Management of Refractory Cases of Trigeminal Neuralgia
Author(s): Priya Jeyaraj*
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Is Percutaneous Tracheostomy Safe in Critically Ill Patients: A Retrospective Analysis
Author(s): Ebru Tarikci Kilic, Mehmet Salim Akdemir, Ali Ihsan Sert
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Amikacin Ototoxicity: Case Report and Literature Review
Author(s): Ines Gamboa*, Pedro Carneiro de Sousa, Delfim Duarte, Nuno Oliveira
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